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Organisational development and change.
We help museums reshape their ideas and their practice so they will thrive in their future operating environment. We can help you ask the right questions to identify what you need to change and equip you with the tools to take you through the process.

Policy development.
We have been at the forefront of shaping policy in the museum sector over the last decade and can offer insight into sector developments, advice on influencing funders and decision-makers and help you think creatively about your museum’s future role.

Making best use of people.
We can help you refine roles of volunteers, paid staff and trustees, so that they can make the most effective contribution. We can help you bring out the best in people.

Rethinking collections.
We have developed some of the most influential recent initiatives relating to museum collections and can help you to use your collections in new ways, as well as helping with practical tasks such as collections reviews.

Impact and outcomes.
Our work has helped to emphasise the importance of impact that museums make and the outcomes they have for people and places. We can help you identify your potential impacts and deliver them effectively.

Evaluation, research, analysis, writing and editing.

We are experienced researchers in a wide range of fields. We can help with thoughtful and practical evaluations. We also have extensive experience of writing and editing for a range of audiences.

Building partnerships and relationships.
We can help you identify potential partners and support you in developing practical ideas for working together. We can work with you to identify your most important internal and external relationships and then strengthen them.

Communications and advocacy.
We are well networked in the sector and beyond and can help you identify and reach a wide range of stakeholders. We can also develop reports and other publications.

Project development, from ideas to implementation.
We can help you spot opportunities, find partners and funding, and work in new ways.

Professional development and training.
From single targeted sessions and workshops, to a complete introductory course, we can offer tailored training to meet your staff development needs, drawing on our extensive experience of developing and delivering professional development programmes.

Recently we have:
• Undertaken a feasibility study for an organisation wanting to develop new products and services for an international audience
• Worked with a museum to produce a training plan for their HLF Skills for the Future application
• Produced a toolkit to support museums and the creative industries to work more closely together
• Worked with a board of trustees to develop organisational strategy and improve their approach to advocacy
• Worked with a regional body to develop a leadership development programme for museums
• Developed a museum basics course for an international audience
• Worked with a number of museums to review their vision, aims and objectives
• Reviewed the strategic purpose and potential impact of an underused collection
• Developed options for new income streams so that a museum could introduce free admission
• Helped museums develop long-term partnerships with higher education and with artists
• We have also designed and facilitated one-off events including: an innovation workshop and all-staff discussions of future opportunities.