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What we can offer you

The Museum Consultancy can help your organisation in a wide range of ways, to find out about all the different areas that we can work together with you see 'our services'.

Here are a few examples of the sort of work that we can support your organisation to undertake.
For a limited time, we're offering several fixed-price packages:

  1. An advocacy health check to ensure you are maximising opportunities to make the case for your organisation[+]
    Being able to make the case for your organisation to stakeholders, funders, your local community and visitors is vital. Even though everyone knows how important this work is, doing it in a planned and proactive way isn’t always easy. Having a clear set of advocacy messages, and understanding how to adapt those to different audiences, can deliver to long-term impacts for museums. Working with you over a few days the Museum Consultancy can help you to:

    • Identify key stakeholders and organisations that the museum should be advocating its work and its services to

    • Develop a number of advocacy messages that can be used to promote the museum to its stakeholders and others, tailoring those messages to different audiences

    • Create an advocacy plan to enable the museum to take a proactive approach to this vital area of work

    We would do this through:
    • Brief desk research and discussions with staff to better understand the vision and mission of the museum, the context within which the museum is operating and who its key stakeholders are likely to be. We will also develop an understanding of how the museum is currently making its case, and what is and isn’t working

    • Through discussions (and ideally a workshop for a range of staff) begin to develop key advocacy messages for the organisation, and identify how they might need to be shaped to suit different groups

    • In light of these discussions produce a draft ‘Advocacy Plan’ with a final set of advocacy messages

    • Three months mentoring to support the organisation take the actions forward (on the phone)

    Fixed price of £1,500
  2. Innovation workshops to help you think creatively about new fundable ideas and projects
    Organisations need to be constantly developing new ideas that will help engage with new audiences and stakeholders, and will help them to tap into new funding streams. Thinking of new ideas isn’t always easy, so get the Museum Consultancy can come and run a participatory, stimulating half-day workshop for the museum to help the organisation unlock its creative potential and identify exciting new fundable ideas and projects and think about new people to work with.

    We will

    • Run a half day workshop

    • Provide a short write up of the workshop and shape the findings into a set of recommendations for future work for the museum

    Fixed price of £750 (for an additional £250 we could provide you with recommendations for funding streams which could be used to fund new areas of activity)
  3. Future proofing your workforce: a skills audit of your workforce and work with you to create a training and development plan
    Ensuring that a museum has a workforce that is trained and developed to deliver services that meet the ever changing needs of their visitors and stakeholders is essential. The workforce also needs skills and knowledge that are going to help the organisation flourish and be sustainable in challenging operating climates. Identifying what those skills might be, whether they need to be held in house or could be bought in as needed, and how and where staff might be able to gain them are all questions that museums need to be able to address. Working with you over a few days the Museum Consultancy can help you to:

    • Revisit the organisation's vision and strategic priorities in relation to the workforce needs of the museum

    • Identify the current strengths and potential gaps in the knowledge and skills of your staff

    • Identify a range of opportunities (low cost, no cost) to help address the skills needs of the organisation

    We would do this through:
    • Discussions with staff to understand the organisation’s vision and strategic goals, and the context within which it is operating

    • A brief audit of knowledge and skills gaps to identify development needs

    • Discussions with staff relating to the findings of the audit and other research, resulting ina workforce development plan for the organisation. The plan would outline a realistic set of actions for the museum to undertake to support the development of the skills and knowledge needed in their workforce to ensure the long-term success of the organisation.

    We would provide ongoing mentoring (over the phone) for a period of 3 months to support the organisation to take forward the actions set out in the workforce development plan

    Fixed price of £1,500 for a medium sized museum of up to 20 staff,
    £1,000 for a small museum of up to 10 staff
  4. Work to review your vision, aims and objectives
    Having a clear vision and strategic priorities is essential for any organisation to thrive and be resilient. Not only does this help underpin and shape an organisation’s work, it is a vital part of fundraising and promoting the organisation to stakeholders and visitors. We can work with staff across the organisation to facilitate discussions around purpose and vision; we can help you to identify your strengths, impacts and assets and think about how to use them to the best advantage for the organisation.
  5. A review of your current income streams and analysis of different options for the future
    We can help you to analyse your current income streams and determine which are working well and should be built on, and which either need more work or are unlikely to yield much return. We can also work with you to identify new income streams which could be explored in the future and provide you with an analysis of the benefits and potential implications of any of these new streams.

  6. The development of long-term partnerships with higher education providers and /or artists
    We understand the importance of developing sustainable long-term partnerships to help museums reach new audiences and develop new and innovative offers to their visitors. We can help you to identify potential partners and facilitate discussions with them. Examples might include partnerships with further or higher education (which is well funded at the moment) or collaboration with local art organisations or creative businesses, many currently keen to work with museums. We can also work with you and any potential partners to identify and shape future joint projects, developing a clear understanding of the mutual benefits of the partnership for both parties.