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All our work is motivated by a desire to realise museums’ full potential for the public benefit. We are committed to an ethical and inclusive approach to our own work, and to promoting these approaches within museums.

We aim to ensure that our work is thoughtful, careful and nuanced. We are not tied to any particular models of organisational development or to any theoretical approaches and we avoid jargon or obscure ‘management speak’ whenever we can. But we all have extensive knowledge of museum practice, are all committed to our own continuing professional development and some of us are actively engaged in academic research and policy development at a national level. We bring insights from all these areas to bear on our consultancy work, with an imaginative approach and openness to new ways of working.

We believe that the best way of helping museums to develop is by focusing on nurturing relationships between people who work in museums and between museums and their audiences. We bring insights from coaching and many years’ experience of developing and running professional development programmes to help you build better relationships in your museum. We aim to offer frank feedback that is both constructive and developmental.